15 Top Apps For Learning English Language

Learning a new language is an awesome objective, and it is absolutely possible! While we suggest concentrating abroad and going to language schools in Washington DC or any other country, we perceive that language learning apps are incredible supplemental learning apparatuses. There are a few apps accessible on the Google Play Store to learn English, in any case, not all apps offer a natural learning experience. Today, we are featuring 15 of the best language learning apps in 2019.

Learning a language is one of the most remunerating things you can do. There are a great deal of ways you can learn or improve your aptitudes in a specific language, from going to classes to self-learning. In any case, have you understood that you can likewise put that cell phone of yours to great use for learning languages? Regardless of whether you’re beginning without any preparation or simply need to improve your English, here are some of the best versatile apps for both Android and iOS that will assist you with doing only that.

It is evaluated that there are around 6,500 communicated in languages on the planet. Out of those languages, English is one of the most communicated in languages on the planet just behind Mandarin Chinese. English is spoken all around the globe, be that as it may, the language can be difficult to learn. Because of a couple of language learning apps on Android, you also can learn English in a jiffy. To spare you the difficulty of finding an app that is appropriate for you, we’ve made things simpler by choosing the most flawlessly awesome 10 English learning apps on Android.


Duolingo is, by a wide margin, one of the most mainstream language-learning apps available. To start with, Duolingo is free and simple to utilize. It has more than thirty languages for clients to look over. You should simply choose the language you need to learn and get going! It utilizes a blend of content, sound, and pictures to assist you with learning the language and keeps on moving you to increasingly troublesome assignments.



HelloTalk is an app that interfaces language students to local speakers permitting them to rehearse the language through discussions. Language students can content and converse with local speakers. It has more than 1 million clients and more than 100 languages. Besides, it’s free! Remember, while discussion apps are wonderful, you will profit more by trying out language schools in DC where you will be encompassed by local speakers.



This is an extraordinary language learning app without perusing or composing. It centers around short games with word basins, unscrambling, and coordinating pictures with interpretations that are intended for five-minute learning sections. It offers 19 languages, including French, Spanish, and Korean.



This honor winning app enables language students to learn 11 languages, including English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, or (Brazilian) Portuguese. It differentiates language learning, so clients get work on learning the language in an assortment of ways. It incorporates jargon, exchange, and tests.



Babbel offers 14 languages and permits clients to rehearse language learning by rehearsing exchange. You start with fundamental conversational exchange and proceed onward to further developed discourse. Notwithstanding, you pick answers to conversational inquiries instead of composing your own reaction. Furthermore, it offers intuitive exercises concentrating on tuning in, perusing, composing, and communicating in the objective language.



Memrise is a famous gamified language learning app that resembles a fancier form of cheat sheets. It covers a wide assortment of topics, and the sort of substance is shifted (sound or pictures). The app utilizes memory helpers to help language students retain new jargon effectively. It is an extraordinary app for starting language students – particularly the individuals who like to join language learning with games.



It is a very amazing ap if you want to learn English language. The features include cheat sheets, sound tests, reiteration, and the sky is the limit from there. It is difficult to utilize and also simple to listen without hands. The app can be downloaded for free.


Rosetta Stone

A long-term top choice, Rosetta Stone, is as yet a much-regarded language learning program. Notwithstanding the well known language learning program, they offer a free app for language students and spreads a few unique languages. They use pictures and normal expressions to help language students ace words and expressions that will be useful when voyaging.


Beelingu App

An alternate sort of language learning app, Beelingu App, works by indicating language students both their local language and target language simultaneously. This permits language students to look at and learn. It additionally stands apart in light of the fact that it utilizes music and book recordings for language learning.


50 Languages Review

Another free app, 50 Languages Review, is free and high-caliber. It has extraordinary substance that assists language students with examining and working on perusing, composing, and listening abilities. There are likewise tests and games. As the name proposes, it has 50 or more languages for clients to learn.



The objective of the Pimsleur app is to assist clients with learning discussion quick, asserting it helps clients “quickly begin communicating in another language in 30 days. Since it centers around showing discussion, it works sans hands and is even good with Amazon Alexa.



Tandem is another free language trade app where language students invest energy talking (content, visit, and video informing) with local speakers. The app attempts to bring up botches delicately, and it remembers a for app interpretation highlight. Once more, understudies took a crack at the Washington language school inlingua will profit by up close and personal discussion with local speakers.


Mango Languages

Mango Languages is an online language learning app that incorporates more than 70 languages. It attempts to assist clients with acing conversational talking with an accentuation on elocution and highlight learning. In any case, this app requires a regularly scheduled installment.



HiNative is a remarkable inquiry and answer app for language students. Clients can pose inquiries, for example, “How would you say, ‘Where’s the bathroom’ in Spanish?” Then, in only a couple of moments, you will get a reaction from a local speaker. Similarly, you can likewise record sound to get some information about articulation.


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