15 Best Internet Speed Test Apps for Android

Ever since internet got into picture, its speed has been improving past want. You can even now review when the internet speed of up to 2Mb every decade back used to be orchestrated as a fast line. Since you have 4G and 5G, even the versatile internet works effectively to empower you to stream. With faster speed, you have speed test apps to choose in case you’re prepared in a domain or not. It will be unfit to get a genuine report from every one of such apps.

To help you with, we will examine the internet speed test apps that you can get. Internet speed test apps causes you get an undeniable picture of the download and the exchange information transmission speed in information transmission. The internet speed may depend upon the territory and the partition from the nearest versatile banner pinnacle. Coming up next is the summary of the best internet speed test apps that you can download on your android.

Internet nowadays has achieved a zenith, paying little respect to whether it’s for correspondence or for work, everyone uses the internet for its straightforwardness yet is your ISP providing you the privilege or satisfactory information speed. By and by, you can without quite a bit of a stretch check if your network is performing adequate or not straightforwardly from your PDA. Here is the once-over of best internet speed test apps for Android you can use to check if your ISP is providing you with the ensured speed.

SpeedSmart Speed Test

When you’re not getting your ensured internet speed, SpeedSmart Speed Test comes supportive in testing it for you. SpeedSmart needs no colleague due with its capacity and customer base. The device causes you get the perfect result reliant on various variables. SpeedSmart causes you know the download speed, exchange speed and the network ping time. You can in like manner check the entire history of the test to consider the present and previous speed.


V Speed Test

V Speed Test needs no introduction being a champion among the best speed test apps for Android and iPhone. It is a pivotal app that energizes you measure internet affiliation speed with its front line and intuitive interface. V-SPEED goes with an inbuilt Wi-Fi is under versatile banner discovering apparatus with an ability to pick the default server for speed test. With V-SPEED, you can by and large test the download and exchange speed and discover the deferral in ping time.



FAST is from the Netflix Inc. Thusly, Netflix guarantees  satisfactory speed to take advantage of your favorite movies and shows over its electronic spouting service. You can in like manner go on the FAST.com website to check internet speed on your work regions. With FAST on your mobile phone, you can know your download speed, exchange speed, latency, your present territory, IP address similarly as your internet service provider with its server region.



Meteor is another exceptional application that causes you check internet affiliation and the speed. The instrument is dedicatedly proposed to choose in case you’re getting the ensured speed for your download and exchange or not. A champion among the best things about Meteor is that it never provides you the apex (greatest) speed and just acknowledges the average speed in this manner, which you get the vast larger part of the events. 


Speedtest Ookla

Speedtest by Ookla is a champion among the most standard speed test apps that furthermore energizes you check internet affiliation. Ookla provides you with a straightforward speed test result for your internet affiliation. With Ookla, you can know the download, exchange speed of your internet with its ping time delay. Ookla furthermore screens your ordered records, which you may later use to balance the present speed with choose whether it has improved or in case it is a perfect chance to switch the conveyor.


Internet Speed Meter

As the name reflects, Internet Speed Meter stays amongst one of the best. The device gives you a consistent speed test result by showing to you the present speed in the status. Internet apps for speed are dynamic. However may before long be skimmed. The instrument gives a speed update and information cautioning with step by step traffic use alerts.


Speedtest Master

On the off chance that you’re hunting down a submitted internet speed meter that is arranged especially for iOS, Speedtest Master is for you. The apparatus basically is every time. One can get definite result made in just 30 seconds with one tap. The instrument checks your internet speed however countless worldwide to make a huge result.



Do you wish to see for to what degree your phone was genuinely connected with a 4G network? Everything considered, Sensorly is one of those few apps that helps check internet speed with network coverage map. The device is available for both Android and iOS platforms to reveal to you the coverage domain in the guide. Thusly, you can similarly rethink your adventurous outings to explicit zones, where you most likely won’t more likely than not call for help.


Speedcheck Internet Speed Test

Speedcheck Internet Speed Test is another unprecedented strategy to check internet speed of your Android and iPhone. The instrument provides you an accurate result to choose in case you’re getting satisfactory speed to stream videos and play internet amusements or not. With Speedcheck Internet Speed Test, you get your download and exchange speed checked with ping lethargy. Moreover, the apparatus is savvy enough to provide you speed test result for your Wi-Fi and LTE.


Internet Speed Test by Speed Meter

When you face tentative internet affiliation or a broken speed, Internet Speed Test by Speed Checker is there to test the information transmission for you. The instrument is a champion among the best internet speed meter that provides you download, exchange and the ping time with precision. With this device, you can get your results saved for later connections. With intuitive interface and fast response time, it makes it to the summary of the internet speed apps.


FCC Speed Test App for Android

FCC (Federal Communications Commission), is an application which is provided by government to help you with some increasingly included features. This application is totally advertisement free and besides goes with a segment of information use confinements, if a customer crosses the specific furthest reaches of internet.


Opensignal Speed Test App for Android

This application demonstrates coverage and maps for various transporters’ providers while empowering customers for the test of speed itself. It goes with point to give a direction banner source is and when of time the app has progressively imperative coverage.


Internet Speed Meter Lite

Internet speed meter is another app to know the speed of the internet whether it’s cell or broadband. It screens the speed in a dated way for instance every day. The best thing about the app is that you can check your internet speed in the notice board itself without opening the app. You can in like manner set alert for the month to month use of information as shown by you and the app will advise whenever you will achieve the most extreme.


My Speed By TRAI

TRAI, as we all in all know, deals with most of the cell networks and communicate correspondences in India. They too have come up with an app where you can test the nonstop speed of your present internet affiliation. You can moreover observe the positive region on the Google Map where the network is being used and check for various networks an area to take a gander at them.


Net Speed Indicator

It is minimal complex of the internet speed test apps. It’s little just as easy to use. At the point when downloaded basically open the app and change the settings. There’s nothing more to it! It is conceivable to check the speed truly on your notice board and you never have to open the app again to check the speed. Furthermore, the best thing is its advancements free.


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