15 Top Education Tech Blogs 2020

Blogs have become a fundamental component of the present learning situation where educators trade thoughts regarding different slanting subjects. Therefore, in the event that you need to keep awake to-date with the most recent technology drifts, the perfect path is to follow the best blogs. Education is developing quick. In the computerized age, utilizing your voice has taken on a totally different importance.

Consistently, we find out about some new technology that will change the world and the manner in which we learn in it. There are numerous educational technologies that are critical to improving learning far and wide. The outcomes from building a blog, a readership, and along these lines, an after, can prompt incredible chances, more extensive effect and change.

Many dedicated educators blog about the absolute best education technologies accessible and the development of their employments. These 15 blogs are our top choices education tech blogs. We know the lengths that teachers and heads go to give understudies the best education. These blogs will teach you bounty about the best and most modern technologies for use inside homerooms, at home, and any place there are understudies who need to learn.


Kelly Walsh is an educator, director, and the author of EmergingEdTech. He centers mostly around utilizing his blog to examine how technology can affect education, particularly as it changes after some time. Walsh watches out for patterns in the EdTech field as they rise and create. He additionally includes his very own thoughts regarding where new devices could get appropriate.



EdSurge, founded in 2011, is a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation award beneficiary. The objective of the blog was to interface educators with the many developing EdTech business people. They keep on doing only that, distributing posts about an assortment of themes.

These incorporate as rethinking the manner in which we do break and a web recording covering points, for example, nourishment grants at universities. This blog can be useful for teachers and chairmen the same searching for new and better approaches to complete things.



Edutopia is a result of the George Lucas Educational Foundation. Their central goal is to change education with the goal that it has the best conceivable impact on understudies. They center around setting up understudies in kindergarten through twelfth grade with a quality education.

The objective is that this will enable them to flourish in future education tries, professions, and their grown-up lives. Their blog incorporates points, for example, parent commitment and social and passionate learning. Explicit posts incorporate subjects, for example, how Sesame Street turned out to be so well known.


The Curriculum Corner

The Curriculum Corner gives less articles on patterns and guides to follow. Rather, this blog is a hotspot for imaginative, connecting with assets that can mesh Common Core Standards into a more extensive curriculum.

All assets on the Curriculum Corner are free, and you can discover exercises targeted towards an assortment of evaluations and subjects. Our top choices are the Gingerbread Shapes shape recognizable proof game for nearly nothing and Number The Stars book study manage for more established basic children.


Ditch That Textbook

Ditch That Textbook is controlled by Matt Miller, an educator, writer, and trailblazer who searches for significant approaches to utilize technology to keep understudies engaged with their learning. The counsel he gives is reasonable and straightforward. He’s not for ditching all textbooks—just in furnishing educators with alternatives other than textbooks so they can blend and match contingent upon their homeroom’s needs.


Think Inclusive

Think Inclusive is about—you guessed it—inclusivity. The’s site will probably give assets to teachers, overseers, understudies, and parents that support consideration of individuals everything being equal. They express that frequently, all that’s needed for inclusivity to happen is for somebody to inquire.


The Innovative Educator

Lisa Nielson is the Innovative Educator. She’s additionally an educator herself, and used to be a bored and frustrated understudy. To address that, she tried to be as innovative as conceivable in making ways for children to remain engaged and interested while setting them up for accomplishment in later life.


Parent Toolkit

Parent Toolkit is the principal parent-explicit blog on our rundown. They provide food explicitly to parents so they best ability to help their youngster’s advancement all around, paying little respect to the measure of help they get from their kid’s school.


Teach Junkie

Teach Junkie, similar to the Curriculum Corner, is a hotspot for educators to discover exercise thoughts and exercises crosswise over different evaluations and subjects. They’re organized by evaluation, subject, and theme, which means you can locate a free movement direct for any event. Our top choices are these arrangements of 100th day of school assets and exercises to use related to the book Tacky The Penguin.


Inside Higher Ed

Inside Higher Ed centers explicitly around news and patterns in the higher education circle. Rather than examine these points from a study hall viewpoint, the blog tends to news and issues such that takes into account teachers and educators at schools and colleges. This article about a University of Wisconsin educator is a genuine case of their straightforward and enlightening composing style.



WeAreTeachers means to be a virtual teacher’s parlor. They furnish their perusers with exercise plans and action thoughts just as guidance, support, and the periodic giveaway. They have posts on each theme comprehensible, from the best dry delete marker for the homeroom, to against tormenting books for children all things considered, to the gathering of secondary teachers and understudies campaigning for a conclusion to kid marriage in Pennsylvania.



DialMyCalls blog isn’t explicit to education, it does regularly incorporate posts targeted towards chairmen, parents, and teachers.

These presents on the key on solid parent-teacher connections, how to build support in sports, and what to do when an out of control fire moves toward your school are for the most part reasonable guidance for those liable for understudies’ security and prosperity.



The substance of these blogs is continually engaging and is updated every day. Tech essayists at Mashable incorporate the most recent buzz around web-based social networking and epitomize them into a data packed blog which everybody wants to peruse.



Considered among the top-ranked site to have tech-based blogs, TechCrunch is known to contain the most recent technology news from the whole way across the world. On the off chance that you are searching for fire up buzz, this ought to be your go-to blog where you will discover everything that you are searching for.


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