15 Best Examples of Animated GIFs in Emails

Email marketing has been around for more than 30 years and it’s setting down deep roots. In any case, in the event that you need to remain there, you have to ceaselessly enhance your emails and discover approaches to astound your contacts. On the off chance that words usually can’t do a picture justice, a GIF merits a million.

Individuals use them always to pass on an entire scope of responses and feelings. What’s more, nowadays, an ever increasing number of advertisers are utilizing GIFs in their emails. They’re such a fun way grandstand new items, add a component of astonishment to your emails and provoke the enthusiasm of your endorsers. Be that as it may, as most other fun things, they should just be utilized mindfully – otherwise known as, in light of direction and best practices. So in case, you’re searching for a little GIF inspiration, here are a few top choices that as of late hit our inbox.

Animated GIFs have been exceptionally popular in both substance advertising and email marketing in the previous two years, yet it doesn’t imply that you ought to utilize them in the entirety of your interchanges. A very much animated GIF will clearly add to your email’s esteem and will assist you with making a greater amount of your message, yet on the off chance that you try too hard, you may rapidly wind up with high withdraw rates.

Here is an accumulation of some great examples of animated GIFs in the email of brands that are exceptionally creative.

Monica Vinader

How often did the absence of a close-up picture in emails prevent you from purchasing an item? In any case, so as to keep the bulletins short and to spare some room, email advertisers may exclude the same number of pictures in emails as they need. The Monica Vinader’s designers found an ideal arrangement: they chose to add a GIF to email that furnishes beneficiaries with a close-up.


Litmus additionally chose to utilize an animated GIF in their email marketing campaign. It shows the two distinct perspectives of their new item. Utilizing a GIF, in this case, is undeniably more successful than just connecting to a video of the new item, as it will naturally energize once pictures are shown in the email.


Here’s a decent marketing thought blended with the utilization of an animated GIF. It plainly shows that the clock is ticking on this offer for 25% off everything. The GIF, alongside the enormous intense “Finishes Midnight” message, truly radiates a feeling of earnestness and prompts the subscriber to tap on the button rapidly.


Headspace has a wide scope of animated GIFs. While these emails are truly clear, the very much created GIFs grab your attention. They work to the perfection of blending energized photography and delineations to add some zen to their endorser’s inbox.


Uber will, in general, utilize unobtrusive GIF s in their battles. The moving vehicles coordinate to the application. The GIFs are not the primary focal point of the crusade and are not meddlesome. Since these GIF s are so unobtrusive, Uber doesn’t have to include extra fallback pictures. Subscribers will at present have a decent email encounter regardless of whether they can’t see the completely animated pictures.


The idea of Sambag’s email marketing layout is basic, spotless and a la mode. It demonstrates instances of how one dress can be worn in five diverse ways; however, the utilization of a ‘blurred’ impact featuring one precedent in each of the energized GIF’s five edges is extremely compelling.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond figured out how to advance their Ziploc Space Bag in a genuinely special manner. As per them, these sacks are “residence space savers that effectively move up and out to account for additional” and they utilized an energized GIF to show precisely how it moves up and out.


Netflix is an incredible case of a brand making an additional stride. They make dazzling GIF s that you can’t turn away from. In both of the precedents, they are changing the whole email configuration utilizing GIF s. I anticipate opening Netflix emails to perceive what they will think of straightaway.


Casper keeps their GIF s cordial and sharp. The duplicate they use in their advertising efforts is typically entirely loose and not very pushy. The GIFs mirror that mark tone by reliably being a couple of edges and sponsorship up to the primary message.

Jack Spade

This GIF was incorporated into an email conveyed as a major aspect of Jack Spade’s Fall Campaign. This is another case of exhibiting the brand’s items in a successful and eye getting path with the assistance of an animated GIF in the email.


Harry’s uses liveliness to breathe life into their perfectly straightforward designs. Their fun-loving GIFs carries the endorser into the email and leads them to navigate. Including catchy content is a decent touch to their vacation email. Their emails are a genuine model how GIF s can enrapture your crowd.


One of the helpful ways brands can utilize GIF s is to walk clients through their item. Asana utilizes a phony UI to demo a component accessible in their superior level. This is an exceptionally visual approach to feature how a component functions in onboarding or upsell email. Asana is additionally utilizing activity remarkably to demonstrate how they have made item upgrades. This is a smart win-back thought to get Subscribers once again into their item.


Anthropologie utilized an animated GIF of an octopus in the email marketing effort. What’s fascinating about this is the octopus is completely made out of paper and its appendages are fluttering around in a glad way. This GIF is exceptionally fun and certainly critical.

Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus utilized exceptionally pleasant typography energized GIF in their promotion that illuminates the principle title in an exquisite textual style. After that their mark charming minimal dark butterflies show up and vacillate away. It’s perfect, straightforward and extremely chic.


Spotify dependably is by all accounts in our top fifteen. Their utilization of audience information to customize their emails is very moving. The GIF they incorporated into their “Time Capsule” customized playlist crusade truly attracts you. I additionally like how their CTAs are continually pushing the endorser “tune in”. Their basic duplicate and utilization of symbolism come to the heart of the matter.

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